We are a startup with big dreams.

We strive to provide an environment such that,

If you join us, you'll like your work so much that you'll refer your friend!

Our Culture

Always customer first, iterate fast, keep improving.

We emphasize on process, best practices and autonomy, so that things are less chaotic and you can focus on your work.

We provide you with the best tools, from day 1 so that you are productive.

Keep learning, we will be happy to budget time and resources to upskill yourself periodically.

We make sure that there is a good role fit. You will not be all over the place although we are a startup.

Be cognizant of tech-debts and internal tools, go ahead and optimize something!

We are ready to make changes to things based on your feedback, Be open and honest.

Respect each other, no discrimination, no bias, project your confidence!

Tech Stack

React everything for web and mobile. We use Angular here and there too.

NodeJS, Go, Rust, Postgres and MongoDB in the backend.

Python, Go and Rust for machine learning and internal tools.

K8s keeps everything up running.